Bullying Issues and Leaving Book Blogging

So just this August 2018, in the midst of #Augvocacy2018, I received a hate tweet from my “resident” bully. I won’t name her though, she might get mad and of course #respect. 

After this incident, I decided to speak up for the last time.

1. ALL OF THE THINGS THAT I HAVE NOW ARE FROM HARD WORK AND PRAYERS. Family, friends, boyfriend, my master’s degree, a stable job, and writing engagements are all product of hard work and prayers. Wala akong tinapakang tao para makuha ko lahat ng meron ako ngayon.

2. STOP VICTIM PLAYING. That’s so 2016, girl. Don’t go around telling people na ikaw ang na-agrabyado, because obviously not. I am not the one who bullied you. You have the guts to bully me, have the balls to fight me when I confront you.

3. MY FRIENDS ARE DIFFERENT FROM YOUR FRIENDS. We don’t stalk and bully people. We take the higher road, honey. And we are busy hustling to make ourselves better. Hindi katulad nyo na walang ginawa kundi pag-usapan ako since March 13, 2016.

4. I WILL NEVER APOLOGISE FOR YOUR MISERABLE LIFE. Don’t ever blame me for your mishaps. I think you should focus on how you will have a better life. Masyado mo kasing nilalaan yung oras mo sa pangbubully.

For Pete’s sake, this is running for two years. Mas matagal pa yata sa Probinsyano. Well, kidding aside, I had enough with her attention seeker/victim playing drama. After this incident, she’s dead to me. And this leads me to make a decision to quit book blogging.

Yes. And this is final. This is not just a hiatus. I quit and no coming back.

I think you guys deserve the right to know why I am leaving. First, to have a peaceful life. Second, I want to focus on writing novels. You know this is my first love and I want to pursue writing as a career. 

So, I know we will still cross paths soon. And I will never forget the good times we had in the book community.

Thank you for all your love and support!

Until next time,